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The Vampire Role Playing Game

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A role playing game involving characters from various vampire stories, both vampire and human.
Somewhere in the near complete wilderness, there is a castle. It's a stereotypical sort of vampire castle, with high, dramatic towers and dark, dank dungeons. And, from all over the world, vampires and those who have had dealings with vampires are finding themselves drawn to it. Some come of their own will, curious about the inexplicable power emanating from it. Others will find themselves brought there without any action of their own. However they got there, once they are inside, they will not be able to venture far away from it, the limits of their freedom extending only to the surrounding woods and village. And so, for the first time in the history of the world, a group of vampires, vampire hunters and former victims will find themselves trapped together...

Undead RPG is a role playing game for characters from various vampire media - books, movies, television shows, etc. In order to join, choose a character from your favorite vampire story, make a livejournal account for your character, post an in character introduction in the community, and start playing!

Every week or so (it depends on how active the community ends up being) I will post several 'open posts' in different locations. These posts will be opportunities for more impromptu role playing, something that can be difficult to do on a livejournal RPG as opposed to a chatroom based one.


1. You may take any character that you wish, but the character must a) be from an already existing vampire story (no original characters, at least as of yet) and b) not be claimed already. We don't exactly want two Van Helsings running about (unless say, they're the Van Helsing from Dracula and the Van Helsing from the movie Van Helsing, in which it become a whole different, more complicated issue)!

2. Please stay at least relatively active. If you're going to be unable to post for a significant amount of time, please post a hiatus note in our out of character community, undeadrpg_ooc. You may also play as many characters as you wish, but, if you do so, all your characters must be kept active. Characters who haven't posted in more than a month are open to be claimed by other players.

3. Please have fun, but be considerate of your fellow players. This means not posting graphic violence or sexuality without a warning, not godmodding, and not killing or severely harming another person's character without the typist's permission.

If you have any questions, ask me (assimbya) or post on the OOC community, undeadrpg_ooc (which all typists should join, in order to keep track of events in the RPG).

Have fun!

Taken Characters:


Maharet (sisterofmekare)

Louis (greeneyed_louis)

Lestat (lestat_the_lion)

Spike (spikexthebigbad)

Angel (ensouled_angel)

Nicholas (playstheviolin)

Armand (ademonicangel


Mina Harker (minaharker10_2)

Denis (inperfectbliss